7 died after drinking hand sanitizer when alcohol ran out at private party, 2 in coma

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New Delhi : An example of how dangerous alcohol addiction is can be taken from the party of Tomtor village in Tattinsky district of Russia. People gathered at a party here drank the sanitizer when alcohol ran out during the party. After drinking the sanitizer, the health of those who drank sanitizer started deteriorating. Somehow, those who fainted in the party were rushed to hospital where 7 died while two went into coma.

It is reported that the sanitizer drunk by the people who attended the party contained 69 percent methanol, which was being sold as a hand cleaner during the pandemic. According to the report of DailyMail, during the party in Tomtor village in Tattinsky district of Russia, there was panic when the people present there started falling unconscious.

According to the report, all these people were demanding liquor in the party but the liquor was over. After this, someone present there brought a bottle of sanitizer and people drank it. Due to deteriorating health, three died on the spot whereas 6 were taken to Yakutsk, the regional capital by an aircraft. 4 more people died during treatment. After getting information about the incident, the local police reached the spot, a criminal case of poisoning has been registered against this incident.

After this incident, the Russian government has appealed to the people not to use sanitizer as a drink at all. Corona cases are rising again in Russia. So far, 20 lakh 64 thousand 748 cases of coronavirus infection have been reported in Russia, while 35 thousand 778 people have died.

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