Patna doctor removed second kidney instead of stones, said – Did it by mistake

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Patna : During the operation of stones in the patient’s left kidney, the doctor removed the right kidney instead of stones. After the operation, when the hospital handed over the kidneys to the relatives, there was an uproar. Angry people pelted stones at the hospital. However, the matter did not go to the police after the doctor accepted the mistake and assured to bear the entire cost of treatment of the second kidney. The incident is of BGB Hospital located in Kankarbagh police station area of Patna. The patient is a young man from Begusarai.

The 26-year-old Begusarai resident was suffering from stomach pain for a few days. Two days ago, he reached BGB Hospital in Kankarbagh, Patna. After examination, the doctor said to have surgery on the left kidney, saying the stones. The operation was carried out on the consent of the kith and kin, but thereafter the trouble increased. It is learned that the doctor has operated the right kidney instead of the left and removed it.

According to his brother, the doctor told that the operation had gone wrong. After this, the patient’s family had an argument with hospital staff, and local people also gathered. When the police arrived, the hospital management agreed to treat the patient at another big hospital at its own expense.

Regarding the incident, Dr. PK Jain, director of BGB Hospital, says that both the kidneys had stones and blood was coming from urine. During the test, stone was found only in the left side kidney. But at the time of surgery, stone was found in the right kidney as well. In such a situation, the kidneys had to be taken out to save his life, which were handed over to the relatives. He admitted that the mistake had been made, but after the consent of the family, the hospital administration would bear the entire cost of the treatment.

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