What this Kolkata man did to teach lesson to his relatives who made fun of his mother will win your heart

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Mumbai : There will be hardly any girl who doesn’t like to apply lipstick. They may or may not love anyone, but they love lipstick a lot. If someone makes fun of girls’ lipstick, then it makes them feel bad. Something similar happened with Pushpak Sen’s mother in Kolkata.

The incident is that she had gone to attend a family function wearing red lipstick, but their close relative made fun of her in that ceremony. Pushpak didn’t like and what he did to teach a lesson to his relatives became popular on social media.

A picture of Pushpak Sen is going viral. In this picture, he has applied bright red lipstick and eyeliner. He has taught a lesson to his close relatives through this post, who recently embarrassed Pushpak’s 54-year-old mother for applying red lipstick.

The photo of 25-year-old Pushpak Sen wearing makeup, bright red lipstick, and posing in front of the camera is going viral on social media.

“This picture is for “Good morning.” “Get well soon”, In the caption, Pushpak has written. He also sent this message to the relatives.

With this, Pushpak further said, ‘People will also question my manhood, but I don’t mind it. Everyone has the right to live their own way and should not unnecessarily stick their legs in the issues of others.”

People are increasingly giving their opinion on this same post. Many people have written that they are proud of Pushpak.

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