Mozambique : Islamic State terrorists beheaded 50 people

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New Delhi : A scary incident has been reported from the South African country of Mozambique. The Islamic State (ISIS) militants beheaded 50 people from a village. This heinous murder was carried out at a football field in the village. Not only this, the bodies of those who died were cut into pieces and thrown into the jungles. The women of the village were kidnapped.

This horrific incident occurred in Nanjaba village of Cabo Delgado state of Mozambique. This state is famous for natural gas. From 2017 till now, in three years, 2000 people have been killed by Islamic terrorists in this area. Due to fear of these terrorists, about 4.30 lakh people have left the state and gone to different places.

After beheading 50 people, deforming their bodies and kidnapping women, another group of terrorists set the village on fire. Many houses in the village have been burnt down. According to the news of BBC and DailyMail, the terrorists came into the village shouting slogans. Started burning houses As soon as people came out of the houses, they were taken captive and they were beheaded.

Not only this, even a week ago, these terrorists attacked and looted many villages. A government official in Mueda district said that the police came to know about the incident when some people saw the deformed corpses in the forest. In the radius of 500 meters, about 20 dead bodies were found.

A similar incident took place in the months of March and April before this incident. At that time also 50 people were beheaded. The terrorists of the Islamic State had done these incidents near Exxon Mobil and Total Gas Project. After the arrival of these energy development projects, terrorist activities in this area have increased in the last few months.

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