Wait, what? Street vendor caught selling ‘toilet water’ mixed Panipuri, VIDEO Viral

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New Delhi : There will probably be very few people who do not get water in mouth after hearing the name of Panipuri. But next time, if you’re going to eat Panipuri, then definitely do investigate before eating. Because by reading this news, the hunger of those people who are fond of Panipuri will probably end forever. In fact, a Panipuri seller was caught in Maharashtra who was mixing toilet water in Panipuri. This video of a Panipuri seller is becoming fiercely viral on social media.

In Kolhapur district of Maharashtra, a Panipuri seller was caught selling Panipuri made using toilet water. His action was captured in the CCTV camera. It is clearly seen in the video that he is filling the bottle with toilet water. This Panipuri stall was famous across the city for its special Panipuri. Mostly the seller used to place his stall near Rankala lake in Kolhapur. This Panipuri seller was famous as the special ‘Panipuri Wala of Mumbai’, and there used to be a long line of people fond of Panipuri.

However, when people came to know about this and the video of toilet water being mixed in Panipuri became viral, they were angered. After this, people broke his stall, threw his Panipuri on the streets. People are sharing this video with each other on social media, so that everyone will be alert before eating Panipuri next time.

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