Taimur Ali Khan enjoys quality farming with daddy Saif Ali Khan, photos viral

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Mumbai : Photos of Saif Ali Khan farming with his son Taimur is becoming viral on social media. In this viral photo, you can see that Taimur is seen quite enjoying his time in farm. Taimur is wearing shorts and a T-shirt in this photo. Saif is wearing white pajamas and T-shirt. This photo is from Pataudi Palace where Saif has arrived with the family. This style of Saif and Taimur is very much liked by the fans.

Photos of both have been shared by many fans clubs. Taimur’s smile is winning the hearts of fans.

A few days ago Kareena held a Halloween party for Taimur. Photos of Taimur partying with friends went viral on social media.

Kareena recently told how he was reacting when she told Saif Ali Khan about her second pregnancy. Kareena said that she did not get any filmy reaction from the family. Even Saif’s reaction was normal.

Kareena had said, ‘There is nothing filmy in my house. Saif stays very normal and relaxed. Yes, he was very happy when he found out that we are going to be parents again. As I said, it was not all planned but it was something that we really wanted to celebrate and we are enjoying it together.’

Kareena had said in an interview, ‘I think everyone gets what he deserves and what is in his luck. It is not that Taimur Ali Khan is going to be the biggest star in the country. Even if he is the most clicked child in this country, whatever the reason. But I always want my son to stand on his feet and earn his name himself. I want him to be what he wants to be, whether he wants to be a chef, a pilot or whatever.’

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