Rapper King Von shot dead in America amid elections

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Washington : The popular rapper King Von has been shot dead in the midst of election in the US. However, it is not yet clear who shot him. According to media reports, the incident took place at a nightclub in Atlanta on Friday.

The entire incident has been captured in the surrounding CCTV. The footage shows that two groups clash outside the nightclub, meanwhile, 26-year-old rapper King Von got shot. Local media claims that some off-duty policemen were also present in the nightclub at the time of the incident and a police car was patrolling nearby.

It is being told that in this incident on Friday morning, there was firing from both sides. A total of six people were shot, out of which three including rapper King Von died. The police didn’t say anything at the moment. They only said that the investigation of the case is going on. According to a police officer, there was a dispute between two parties outside the nightclub and soon it turned into a shootout.

So far, it has not been clear whether King Von was a victim of firing from both sides or he was shot intentionally by someone. However, initially the police is considering it as murder. The role of police in this case has also raised serious questions. It is alleged that the policemen present on the spot did not try to handle the situation.

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