Pakistan furious over CDS Rawat’s ‘Pakistan – an epicenter of terrorism’ statement

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New Delhi : India’s Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat on Friday warned both China and Pakistan. General Bipin Rawat had described Pakistan as the epicenter of terrorism and said that for the last three decades, Pakistani Army and Inter Services Intelligence have been waging proxy war in Jammu and Kashmir. Now Pakistan is trying to incite communal violence in India by spreading anti-India propaganda on social media. Pakistan has now expressed anger over Bipin Rawat’s statement.

Pakistan has said that instead of doing anti-Pakistan politics, Bipin Rawat should focus on his professional domain. In a webinar held at Delhi’s National Defense College, Bipin Rawat said that despite all internal and external challenges, Pakistan’s unfinished agenda continues on Kashmir.

Pakistan’s foreign ministry has reacted to Rawat’s statement. “We strongly criticize CDS Bipin Rawat’s irresponsible statement about Pakistan,” said the Pakistan Foreign Ministry in a statement released on Friday. The anti-Pakistan agenda of the Indian CDS shows their misunderstanding about Pakistan as well as their habit of politicizing.

Pakistan said, General Rawat’s statement is similar to the thinking of RSS-BJP which promotes the policy of extremist Hindutva and expansionary united India. It is sad that this ideology has entered the Indian Army and its institutions. The Indian CDS’s rhetoric against Pakistan will not distract attention from the mistakes made on India’s internal and external front.

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry alleged that as a result of Hindutva ideology, mosques are being regularly vandalized and lynching has become common in India. The suppression of minorities is increasing day by day. The Ministry of External Affairs, under its old propaganda, alleged that state-backed terrorism against innocent Kashmiris in Kashmir has become a part of the Government of India’s policy. Pakistan advised General Rawat to remain confined in the military sector and not try to make a career by running an anti-Pakistan agenda.

CDS Rawat had lashed Pakistan in a statement on Friday. CDS Rawat had said that the current economic crisis, the failure of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to get out of the gray list, the rise in religious and racial violence and power struggle will lead to further instability in Pakistan. General Rawat had said that Pakistan is trying to end social harmony in India by running anti-India agenda on social media. This has worsened relations between India and Pakistan.

General Rawat had said that after the Uri terror attack, Pakistan got a strong message through surgical strike and Balakot air strike that now it can no longer give protection to terrorists on LAC by giving threats of nuclear power. He had said that there has been an atmosphere of ambiguity and uncertainty in Pakistan about the action of Indian armed forces against Pakistan-backed terrorism and this is also clear from the media reports there.

General Rawat had said that despite its internal instability, a falling economy, isolation at the international level and cracks in government-military relations, Pakistan would continue to say that Kashmir was its unfinished agenda.

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