Joe Biden’s Indian connection is very interesting!

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Washington : Focus of the entire world is on the US presidential election and the fight is between Democratic nominee Joe Biden and Republican nominee Donald Trump. Joe Biden is just one step away from the presidency.

Alternatively, the picture of the future president of the United States is now clear. At the moment there is a controversy in the United States over the counting of votes.

But do you know, who is Joe Biden? There is a lot of curiosity about this in everyone’s mind today. So read in detail to know about Joe Biden, his political career, his life and his Indian connection.

– Joe Biden was first elected a senator from Devaire in 1972. He has been a member of the Senate six times so far.

– Horrible events that can shatter his life happened in his life. His wife and daughter were killed in a car accident in 1972. In 2015, her son died of cancer.

– Family events affected his life and thoughts to such an extent that he gave special priority to health schemes in the presidential election. This was the focus of this election.

– Very few people know Biden’s full name. His full name is ‘Joseph Robinet Biden Jr.’ He was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA. He had moved to Delaware when he was young. He is best known in American politics as Joe Biden.

Biden’s Indian Connection –
Biden came to India in 2013 as Vice President. In a speech in Mumbai at the time, he had said that he had an Indian connection. He also said that his ancestors were working in the East India Company in the 18th century. His ancestor was probably married to an Indian woman. Whose family members are still there today. Biden also mentioned the incident at a meeting of the Indo-US Forum in Washington in 2015. He said that there are only 5 people named Biden in Mumbai. He had jokingly said that he could contest from India as well.

In this election, he has overtaken Obama by a record number of popular votes. Biden was the fifth youngest senator in U.S. history. Biden became the 47th vice president of the United States when Barack Obama was president. If he wins this election, he will be the oldest president in the history of the United States. He is now 78 years old. Biden’s address to a rally in the run-up to the US presidential election has caught the attention of many.

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