US Election 2020 : What would happen if Donald Trump refuses to quit Presidency even after defeat?

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New Delhi : Counting of votes for presidential election results in the US continues. In the results so far, Democrat candidate Joe Biden is ahead of Republican candidate and current US President Donald Trump. US President Donald Trump and presidential candidate Joe Biden from the Democratic Party have claimed their victories even before the result. While Trump said on Wednesday that he is winning the election, but will go to the Supreme Court to stop fraud in vote counting, Biden has also claimed that he is winning the election. Trump and Biden are ready with their respective forces to deal with the aftermath of the legal situation. The kind of clues Trump has given from his statements have led to fears in the US that Trump will not leave the White House easily if he loses the election.

Now it is being discussed in the whole world including America that what would happen if Donald Trump lost the election and refused to quit the presidency? However, it is not entirely possible to say who will play an important role in such an unusual situation. But if a person loses the presidential election and does not leave the White House, the role of the newly elected president and secret service becomes crucial to remove him from power.

According to Business Insider, if the losing president continues to occupy the White House even after the term ends, the newly-elected president probably has the power to direct the Secret Service to expel the person from the premises. Because after the election results come, no federal agents or agency reports to the losing president, he becomes the old president.

It is also to be noted here that if the President refuses to step down after losing, then there is no mention of any provision in the US Constitution to legally remove him. According to the English website ‘Independent’, there is no mention in the US constitution of how to remove the current president if he loses the presidential election and refuses to hand over power to his opponent. In such a situation, the condition can be frightening if Trump refuses to give up.

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