Diwali 2020 : Rafael Rocket, Drone, Selfie Stick, PUBG Gun & Flash Light Fireworks center of attraction among children

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Rajkot : Diwali is just a few days away and a new variety of fireworks are being seen in the market this year. Amid an outbreak of the coronavirus this year, people are set to celebrate Diwali. The smiles on the faces of the traders are being seen long after the people started buying in the fireworks market for the last two days. Like every year, this year too, new fireworks are being seen in the market. One of the biggest attractions is the Raphael rocket, drone, the selfie stick and the flash light fireworks.

Everyone, young and old, is eager to celebrate Diwali and even this year, amid the Corona epidemic, people will be able to celebrate a festival after a long time, which is also seen as a different kind of joy. On the occasion of Diwali, people light lamps in their backyards, make rangoli, burn firecrackers and celebrate the festival with family and friends.

Every year one sees a new variety in the fireworks market. This year too, something has changed. Raphael rockets, drones, selfie sticks, PUBG guns and flash light fireworks have become the center of attraction among children. Which is also seeing a lot more demand. After the Raphael fighter jet was brought to India, today Raphael firecrackers are being sold in a special market as Raphael is the center of attraction among Indians.

According to traders, there has been no increase in the price of fireworks this year. But there is still fear of corona among the people. Which seems to have resulted in fewer purchases than last year. However, traders also believe that even in the last two days of the Diwali festival, people’s buying remains on the rise, and if it is seen this year too, they will not have to bear the brunt of the recession.

On the occasion of Diwali, everyone from small children to adults celebrates the festival with fireworks. In which new variety is seen every year. Most of the firecrackers sold in the market except Sparkler are made in Tamil Nadu. There are large firecracker factories in Tamil Nadu and from there most of the firecrackers are delivered to different states. If we talk about the new firecrackers in the market this year, the firecrackers ranging from Rs 5 to Rs 5,000 are being seen in the market.

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