‘This’ woman claims she is in ‘serious’ & ‘sexual’ relationship with a GHOST & they want kids

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New Delhi : Two people come close when they’re in love. Both take care of each other’s happiness. Take care of the needs of each other. Now even homosexual relations have been largely agreed upon by the society. But what if this love happens between human and ghost? Yes, a woman living in England, whose name is Amethyst Realm, claims that she has been in a relationship with a ghost for the last two years. Not only that, she was also doing family planning with this ghost. But now the relationship between the two has come to an end and the woman needs a breakup now.

The relationship between the two was very serious
This woman had exposed her relationship with ghosts by refuting every argument of science. The woman had claimed that she was in a serious relationship with a ghost. The relationship between the two is quite romantic and both are also indulging in sexual relationships. The woman in the middle was also planning to have a baby with the ghost. But now suddenly the relationship between the two has soured. This has increased so much that the matter has come to a breakup.

The ghost fell in love with someone else in Thailand
Indeed, the woman had gone to Thailand on holiday with this ghost. The two had a great time there. But after coming from there, things started changing. The woman began to feel that the ghost had an affair with someone else. Due to this, his attitude has changed. The woman said that his love is not the same as before. Because of this she has decided to end the relationship.

The woman complains that the ghost is harassing her after returning from Thailand. He first called so many other ghosts home with him. He would take drugs with them and then make a fuss. The woman became very angry and asked the ghost for a breakup. The woman’s love story has shocked many people.

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