Hurry up! Italian Govt. is selling off abandoned houses of this beautiful town for just Rs 86

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New Delhi : People spend their life’s hard-earned money to buy a house. But there is also a city in Italy where homes are being sold at a nominal price of 86 rupees. In a small town in Sicily, Italy, houses are being sold at very low prices.

Actually, the name of this town is Salemi. It is surprising to find a house here for 1 euro (about 86 rupees in Indian currency) but there is a big reason behind it. In the last few years, the problem of declining population has been noticed in many small towns. This is the reason that houses are being offered in such towns at very low prices.

According to a CNN report, the mayor of the town said that all the buildings belonged to the City Council, which leads to faster sales. Before starting this plan, the old parts of Salemi had to be reclaimed where the houses are located. Also, basic facilities and services like roads, electric grids and sewage pipes have been improved.

In the last few years, many such cities in Italy are facing the problem of deportation. For this reason, the offer of accommodation at affordable prices has been started in Sicily. According to reports, it was becoming difficult to sell the properties already left by people and Corona has made the situation worse.

Salami is a historical place located on the island of Sicily. It is surrounded by olive trees. Some of its houses are surrounded by ancient city walls which date back to the 16th century. However, after the 1968 earthquake, the town has suffered both physically and culturally.

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