Every Indian eats 19 kg of sugar, annual sugar consumption is constant since 3 years

New Delhi : The per capita sugar consumption has not increased in the country for the last three years. The government says that those who believe that Indians eat more sugar need to dispel their ‘myths and misconceptions’ as the annual sugar consumption is constant at 19 kg per person during this period.

Launching the portal of Indian Sugar Mill Association (ISMA) (, Food Secretary Sudhanshu Pandey said, India is among the largest consumers of sugar in the world. Despite this, per capita consumption is stable at 19 kg. This is 4.5 kg less than the global average.

The average annual sugar consumption in the world is 23.5 kg per person. The annual sugar consumption in the country during the marketing year 2019-20 ended in September was 25-26 million tonnes, while the production during this year was 27.5 million tonnes.

Food Ministry Joint Secretary Subodh Kumar Singh said that there is a campaign against sugar and its products in India, in which it is being said to be the main cause of obesity and diabetes. This is wrong. We are the leading producer of sugar, while consumption is very low because rich people stay away from sugar consumption.

He said that per capita sugar consumption in Israel is 60 kg. If it is harmful then it should harm all developed and other countries, where its consumption is higher than the global average.

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