“Mahesh Bhatt Is The biggest Don Of Film Industry, He Ruined The Lives Of Many”, Accuses His Family Member

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Mumbai : Several celebrities were questioned by the Narcotics Control Bureau in Mumbai after the Drug connection surfaced in Bollywood. It is now being said that Mahesh Bhatt is a don of the film industry and he has all the information regarding the Drugs connection. This shocking allegation is made by an actress who is also his family member.

Actress Luviena Lodh has created a stir by sharing a video on social media. In the video, Luviena claims that filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt is threatening her. Luviena Lodh revealed in the video that she was married to Mahesh Bhatt’s nephew Sumit Sabharwal and her husband was supplying drugs. She said the video was made for her and her family’s safety.

Luviena Lodh has shared a video on her Instagram. In it, she says that she was married to Mahesh Bhatt’s nephew Sumit Sabharwal. Then I filed for divorce. Because I understood that he (Sumit Sabharwal) supplies drugs to actresses like Sapna Pubbi, Amayara Dastur and many more. She also said that she has seen photos of many girls in her husband’s phone and her husband used to show these photos to many directors, she came to know that he was supplying girls too.

According to actress Luviena, Mahesh Bhatt knows all this. ‘Mahesh Bhatt is the biggest don in the industry and operates the entire system. If you do not follow his order, he will ruin your life.’

‘Mahesh Bhatt ruined the lives of many’
Luviena further said, ‘Mahesh Bhatt has got many people fired and ruined their lives. They make a phone call and anyone gets fired. He has been trying to break into my house ever since I filed the case against him and is trying to get me out of the house. I also went to the police, lodged a complaint but no action was taken.

Luviena finally said, “If anything happens to me or my family in the future, Mahesh Bhatt, Mukesh Bhatt, Sumit Sabharwal, Sahil Sehgal and Kumkum Sehgal will be responsible. People should know what Mahesh Bhatt is doing behind closed doors. Mahesh Bhatt is very powerful.”

Luviena made her Bollywood debut in 2010 with actor, singer and musician Himesh Reshammiya’s ‘Kajra Re’. The film was directed by Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter Pooja Bhatt. 

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