Why do ‘Intellectual Liberals’ always target ‘Hindu festivals’?

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New Delhi : Don’t rapes happen during Eid? Do rapes happen only during Navratri / Durga Puja? Rape is just rape; it is beyond the comprehension what sense it is to associate it with any religion or festival. If one does not want to celebrate, does not celebrate the festival, but those who have faith in these festivals, do not make fun of their faith.

Durga Puja is a reminder of the power of women. The thing we forget throughout the year that only women can create and kill, we remember this once again in these ten days. This worship matters more to women than men that we should not forget our strength. We are not immortal. We are Durga and Kali in ourselves, but women like Deepika Singh Rajput cannot understand this. For people like her, Durga Puja also seems to be something like anti-women. I wish you could understand the meaning of Navratri and make it understandable for other women. But your intelligence is subtle.

Some of us are constantly talking about this, which hurt the feelings of some people. Some people have started giving knowledge about how I compared Navratri to Eid. Whereas, I did not compare it to festivals but to the hypocrisy that foolish people like Deepika do. They will give the greetings of Eid and will find fault in Navratri or other Hindu festivals, good wishes on these festivals will not come out of their mouths.

Well, those who were not cleared yesterday should be cleared today, so I am writing this post. Look at both the photos carefully and try to understand the difference itself. See how Eid is being greeted and how posters are being made for Navratri? Is it trending to make fun of the faith of Hindus? Have the festivals of Hindus been made to insult them so much?

These photos were shared on the Instagram page of Eros Now which has now been removed. If you google, you will see how Ranbir, Deepika and Salman Khan’s photos have been shared by writing pornographic lines. Irony from the top that if you write against these inferior people, then they will start calling you a staunch Hindu. You will become intolerant.

After all, how long should we bear the fun of our deities. For how long we keep taking knowledge classes from someone on our own festivals and why. If the answer is there, please give it or else, better keep silence.

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