Warning Bells! Himalayas poised for devastating earthquake of the century, can also hit Delhi

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In the Himalayan range, a large earthquake can occur at any time with a series of earthquakes. Its intensity can be eight or even higher on the Richter scale. Scientists claim that in the densely populated countries around the Himalayas, it can cause massive destruction in the capital Delhi too. However, when these earthquakes will occur, it is not yet estimated. Scientists believe that they are expected to come in the next 100 years.

According to scientists, the Himalayan mountain range extending from Arunachal Pradesh in eastern India to Pakistan in the west can once again become the bastion of a series of earthquakes. Even before, this region has been a stronghold of earthquakes.

According to research, earthquakes in the Himalayas will be as severe as earthquakes in the 20th century from the Gulf of Alaska to Kamchatka in eastern Russia. The University of Nevada’s research was published in the August issue of the Journal of Seismological Research Letters.

Professor Supriya Mitra of the Department of Earth Sciences at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata, also believes this research to be correct. According to Mitra, some earlier research has also pointed this out. However, it is impossible to make any guesses as to when such a severe earthquake will occur. She said, earlier studies were assessed based on satellite imagery, but in this research the timing and size of the most recent prehistoric earthquakes have been defined based on geology.

According to the research, the earthquakes will be so severe that the tremors will be felt in the capital city of Delhi, south of the Himalayas.

There have been several mild earthquakes in the last four months in North India, indicating that the claim regarding the big earthquake is not a lie. According to scientists, many such small earthquakes are a sign of great destruction.

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