Petlad : Young woman called the doctor at home to examine the patient, took off her clothes and…

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Nadiad : Honeytrap incident has come to light from Petlad of Anand district. The girl called a doctor home from Nadiad under the pretext of examining the patient. As soon as the doctor came home to examine the patient, according to the conspiracy, three men disguised themselves as police and threatened the doctor.

According to a police complaint lodged by the doctor, on September 29, a woman named Prafulla called a patient near Petlad who was bedridden and unable to walk, to come home and check on the phone. So they called at noon and met the woman. He was accompanied by a young woman. They took him to a house near Dantali village. However, no one was seen in the house. Asked about this, the woman asked him to sit for a while, gave him water and then Prafullaben was going out.

After this, before the doctor could understand anything, the girl who came with Prafullaben closed the door of the house and suddenly took off her clothes. So the doctor tried to open the door, but the door was locked from the outside. Meanwhile, the young lady started making fuss. Shortly after, the back door was opened and three persons came in and threatened the doctor by introducing themselves as police.

Not only that, the doctor was scared when he was threatened of implicating him in the crime of rape. As he begged to let him go, the woman forcibly took off the doctor’s clothes and the young woman present in the room had already taken off her clothes. Woman took photos and videos of the doctor with the young woman.

Meanwhile, Prafullaben also arrived and a man grabbed the doctor’s hair when the doctor threatened all the accused, on this, the woman also said, “Cut his throat with a knife.” After this, another man brought a knife from the kitchen and put it on his neck. Thus, the five united and threatened to kill the doctor. Also, Rs 6,100 was taken out of the doctor’s pocket. As well as one person took his mobile. When the doctor begged, they asked for five lakh rupees as a settlement. However, when the deal was finalized at Rs 1.5 lakh, he gave him the money. The doctor was then released. However, he was threatened with viral nude photos if he told anyone about this. So the doctor went home and did not inform anyone about this.

After this, a phone call was made to the doctor on October 17, and the person on line identified himself as the girl’s husband and hung up. After this, Prafullaben called him and blackmailed him saying that he had photos and videos and demanded Rs 40,000 as a settlement. She threatened him that she will viral his nude photos on social media if he didn’t give money. After this, the doctor lodged a complaint with the Petlad police.

The doctor lodged a honeytrap complaint at the Petlad Town Police Station. Based on the complaint, Petlad Town police have solved the honeytrap case within hours. Police have arrested 2 women and 3 men.

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