Bulk prices of onion rises to Rs 7100, Retail prices may also increase

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New Delhi : The already expensive onion retail prices are expected to increase further in the coming days as its price in the wholesale market has reached the height of this year. The wholesale price of onion has been recorded at Rs 7100 per quintal on Tuesday in Lasalgaon, Maharashtra, the biggest market for onion business in the country, which is the highest since December 2019. Due to the rise in prices in the wholesale market, now prices are expected to increase in retail too.

Rajendra Sharma, president of Potato-Onion Merchants Association in Azadpur, Delhi’s big fruit vegetable market, said that due to Navratri at present, demand is less and onion is cheaper in Delhi, but the price is rising daily up to Rs 2 per kg in the market since last 4-5 days. There has been an increase and there is a possibility that after Navratri, demand may increase in Delhi. Rajendra Sharma said that onion crops have been damaged due to unseasonal rains in Maharashtra and South India.

While the government had already banned exports, sensing the rise in prices of onions, it has recently allowed exports of certain onion varieties in limited quantities. However, the quantity of onions exported is very small.

Talking about the production of onion in the country, according to the estimate released by the government in June this year, the production of onion is estimated to be 267.38 lakh tonnes in the country during the crop year 2019-20 while 228.19 lakh tonnes in the country during 2018-19 Onion was produced. But there is a possibility that in recent times the onion crop has been damaged in Maharashtra and South India, due to which the supply may be affected later and due to this fear, prices are increasing.

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