Meeting of top officials to curb rising crime in Banaskantha, Instruction to take strict action

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Banaskantha : A meeting was held with top officials at Palanpur Circuit House to curb the rising criminal activities in Banaskantha district. Discussions were held at the meeting to prevent criminal incidents.

The criminal activities in the district have been increasing day by day for a long time. Especially in Banaskantha district, most of the serious crimes like atrocities against women, murder, suicide are continuously increasing. So somewhere young men and women are falling in love and committing suicide.

Rajulaben Desai, a member of the National Commission for Women, held a meeting with top officials of Banaskantha district to curb the long-running criminal activity in the district. Discussions were held on how to prevent recurring criminal activities. Efforts are being made to curb the growing atrocities against women. The meeting was held with National Commission for Women member Rajulaben Desai, Banaskantha District Collector Anand Patel, Banaskantha District Police Chief Tarun Duggal and several senior officials.

Special discussions were held on how to prevent such incidents in the district, what to do to prevent such incidents, especially how to prevent the growing atrocities on women. Strict action was instructed. Instructions were given by Dr. Rajulaben Desai, a member of the National Commission for Women, to take strict action against all the people.

Criminal activities are continuously increasing in Banaskantha district. Strict action should be taken against the perpetrators of all the crimes. It remains to be seen what kind of action will be taken by the top officials in Banaskantha district after the meeting and within how many days their action leads to a reduction in criminal activity.

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