Family Members Locked Old Man In Freezer Box, Kept Waiting For His Death

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Chennai : A seriously ill 74-year-old elderly person was rescued from the freezer box in Salem district of Tamil Nadu. After being discharged from the hospital, it is being told that his family was allegedly waiting for him to die, so they kept him in the freezer box overnight.

The elderly person was rescued when the employee came to bring the freezer box. The same person reported that the person was alive. According to the information, the 74-year-old elder’s brother had taken the rent from the freezer box agency. In the video that has been recovered, that elderly person is seen gasping for breath inside the box. The person has been identified as Bal Subramania Kumar, who has been removed from that freezer box and admitted to the hospital.

Officials investigating the incident said the 74-year-old man was recently discharged from hospital in critical condition. His brother had asked for a freezer box to plan a conspiracy as he was reportedly waiting for his death.

An agency employee who had given the family a freezer box rang the alarm after seeing the elderly alive and rushed him to the hospital. Devalingam, who provides free vehicles to carry the dead bodies, had also reached the house of the elder after hearing about the incident. He said that “the old man was kept inside the freezer box all night.” He said that the family members of the elder person had said – ‘The old man has died.’

According to police, the elderly retired from a private company as storekeepers. He lives with his brother and a niece. The police have registered a case against the family in different sections.

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