Pakistan Govt. Asks To Stop ‘Two Finger’ Test Of Rape Victim

Karachi : A woman has protested against a two-finger test (virginity) to confirm rape in Pakistan. Meanwhile, the Imran government has said that a two-finger test will not be taken for women who have been raped. Pakistan’s law ministry has recommended that a two-finger test not be part of any medico-legal test report in cases of sexual harassment. The two finger test will be reported to the Lahore High Court.

Two finger test is the second rape after rape. Two finger tests are invalid, unscientific and illegal. The doctor puts his fingers in the vagina of a rape victim and wants to know if he is having regular sex. There is no rule in India that a doctor does anything as he pleases. In India also, the Supreme Court in 2003 called this two finger test ‘barbarism’. In other countries, this was said an attack on dignity and unscientific. Now Pakistan has taken a big decision in this row.

In Pakistan, Protests against gangrape continue on Lahore Highway with a French woman of Pakistani origin. Many women’s organizations raised their voices. After constant protests, the Imran government has now tightened its grip on rape cases.

The Ministry of Law and Justice has informed this to Additional Attorney General Chaudhry Ishtiaq Ahmed Khan in Lahore. The court sought a response from the law ministry following a statement from the World Health Organization.

The WHO has declared the virginity test “unscientific, medically unnecessary and unreliable.” Two PILs have been filed in court against the two-finger test. One petition has been filed by a member of the legislature of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz National Party, while the other has been filed on behalf of a group of women’s rights activists, academics, journalists and advocates.

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