Hathras Case : ‘Congress Always Conspired To Create Rift Among People’, BJP Leader On Shyoraj’s Sting

New Delhi : Bharatiya Janata Party leader Ravindra Raina has fiercely attacked the Congress party over the sting operation of Congress leader Shyoraj through a leading media channel. The channel has carried out the sting operation of Congress leader Shyoraj Jeevan in which he is seen talking about rioting in Hathras. In the sting, the Congress leader has said that there will be “a fierce skirmish” and “a bloody battle” in Hathras.

At the same time, BJP leader Ravindra Raina has attacked the Congress party fiercely on this whole matter. He has said that, “Congress has always betrayed India. The Congress has always conspired to create rifts among the people of India. Congress wants people to die and do politics on dead bodies. ”

With this, Ravindra Raina said, “Congress wants to divide Hindu. They want to get power in politics. The Modi government is at the center and all those involved will be punished. It is clear that this includes the top leadership associated with the Gandhi Nehru family. ”

In the sting, Congress leader Shyoraj said that “There will be “a fierce skirmish” and “a bloody battle” in Hathras.” When asked for the reason, he claimed that “he (someone unknown) burned effigies of people of my community. My effigy was also burnt. There is anger over it and it has increased day by day. “

He said “No one can stop the riots. You can attack us because there are 2 – 4 houses in the villages. But we are in huge numbers in the city. The Congress leader admitted that he was “fully prepared” and that his party was “gearing up” for this.”

Shyoraj Jeevan revealed that “Congress has got a big issue.” In the tape of the sting operation, he said in detail that “He is ready to help in any way to ‘incite mass violence’ and no force will stop this from happening.”

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