27 Infected Including Donald Trump’s Top Aide, Increase In COVID19 Cases In White House

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Washington : So far 27 White House employees have been exposed to the deadly virus after US President Donald Trump was found to be corona infected. Most of the workers associated with Trump are infected with Corona.

US President Donald Trump’s top aide Stephen Miller has also been hit by Corona. Miller said on Tuesday, “I have been in the quarantine for the last five days. The infection was not confirmed in any tests till yesterday, but today I am in quarantine since the report came out positive.”

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were confirmed to be corona positive on Thursday. Earlier, his close aide Hope Hicks was found infected. Trump was admitted to the military hospital, from where he was discharged on Monday.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sean Conley, a White House doctor, told that Trump had a comfortable first night after arriving from the hospital. He has no signs of infection. At the same time, Trump tweeted, feeling better now.

Trump did not wear a mask, gave wrong example: Collins
The Republican Party’s Senator Susan Collins has criticized President Donald Trump for not wearing a mask when he reached the White House. She said, ‘it was surprising that after being found infected, the President of the country was discharged from the hospital so soon. When I saw Trump in the White House without a mask, I felt that he gave the wrong message. He did not set a good example.’

Trump was admitted to an army hospital after being found corona infected but suddenly came out of the hospital in a carriage and accepted the greetings from the people standing outside the hospital. But after a few minutes, he was again admitted to the hospital.

Trump was the target of opposition on this, some even said that Trump does not have corona. Also, when he returned to the White House, he was seen without a mask after which people on social media were angry on the trump.

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