Ahmedabad : Son Absconded From The Crematorium With The Corpse Corona-Infected Father

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Ahmedabad : A shocking incident has come out from the VS crematorium situated at Ellisbridge amidst Corona epidemic in the country. A man, originally resident of Rajasthan was admitted to a hospital in Ahmedabad where he succumbed to Corona. His corpse was brought to VS crematorium for the cremation. His son was also present there to perform last rites. But he escaped from the crematorium with the dead body of his corona infected father.

After the information of the case came to light, there has been a stir in Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and Police Department. Ellisbridge police have registered a case and are investigating the matter.

According to information, an elderly person from Rajasthan was admitted 10 days ago for corona treatment at Shushrusha Hospital in Navrangpura area of Ahmedabad. He died on Monday morning during treatment.

The hospital informed the corporation and as per the government rule, it was decided to send his dead body to VS Hospital for the last rites. After completing all the procedures of the hospital, the ambulance was sent to the VS crematorium in the evening for the funeral of the body.

Ambulance driver Amit Gohil unloaded the dead body in the parking lot and left to pick up another patient.

During this time, the nodal officer Purvan who reached the spot did not find the dead body and deceased person’s relatives there, She called the municipal authorities but the city officials said that the body has not reached them yet.

When nodal officer Purvan Patel called Ambulance driver Amit about this and asked about the body, the driver told her that the family of the patient was already there with Ambulance.

The son of the deceased, Mahendra, a woman and two other unknown people have escaped together with the dead body. When the nodal officer called the deceased’s son Mahendra, his phone was switched off.

After which information of the incident was given to the police control room. As the accused have absconded with the corona patient’s dead body, there is a danger of spreading infection to other people.

Based on the complaint of Purvan Patel, the nodal officer of Sushrusha Hospital, administration is taking further action by registering a case against son Mahendra Singh Chauhan and other relatives of the deceased.

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