Sushant Was Murdered? AIIMS Submitted Its Report, Now What Will Be The Next Step Of CBI?

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Mumbai: AIIMS special team after investigating the death of Sushant submitted its report to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). In such a situation, it is now expected that the secrets which had not been revealed till now, will now be revealed and the CBI will get some success in the investigation related to Sushant’s death.

On Monday, this report was submitted to the CBI by AIIMS. According to Dr. Sudhir Gupta, head of the AIIMS Medical Board investigating the Sushant case, both the AIIMS and the CBI have worked together in this matter, both have agreed but still need to be consulted. It is very important to see some legal hurdles in this case.

According to the doctor, some facts related to the case have been handed over to the CBI, if more things have to be shared, the two teams will meet once again.

What will CBI do now?
After receiving the report from AIIMS, now everyone’s eyes are on the CBI. The CBI will now investigate whether Sushant Singh Rajput’s death was a suicide or a murder. The new evidence that came out of the AIIMS report from the CBI, the old statements, the report, the crime scene, will be mixed with it.

In this whole case, the investigation report of AIIMS is only a part, in which the case will turn, it will decide only on the decision of the CBI. The AIIMS team has only evaluated Sushant Singh Rajput’s autopsy report, viscera report and other medical reports.

On the questions arising on the delay in the investigation, it has been clarified by the CBI that it is investigating the matter properly and is not doing anything that will miss some important link. Questions were raised about Sushant’s family’s attitude towards the agency, speed of investigation. So far, many questions have been answered by the CBI in this case.

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