Chinese Scientists Working On ‘Space Technology’, Travel To Any Country In Just One Hour

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New Delhi : What if you can travel to any corner of the world in just one hour? Sounds impossible at first thought, right? But in the era of Science and Technology, anything is possible. China, where bullet trains run at speeds up to 350 kilometers per hour, is now working on a technology that can make it possible to reach any corner of the world within an hour. Chinese scientists are thinking of making it possible through ‘Space Technology’. A major Chinese scientist has set a target of 2045 for this, saying that the aircraft will be as common as flights.

Bao Weimin, Director of the Science and Technology Commission of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), gave the idea during the 2020 China Space Conference, according to a report by the Chinese government newspaper Global Times. It was held in Fujian, the capital of Fujian province of eastern China.

Bao said that three developments would be needed to reach this goal. Important technology will have to be developed before 2025. By 2035, the scale of airliners like Space Travel will be large enough to carry thousands of passengers and thousands of kg of luggage.

The Chinese scientist said that by 2045, a complete system for space travel will be ready. Thousands of aircraft will fly every year, in which millions of passengers will travel. Bao said that achieving this ambitious goal would require hypersonic flying technology and reusable rocket carrier technology.

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