India Tops In Number Of Coronavirus Cases & Deaths Recorded In September

New Delhi : COVID-19 is everyday making a record of new cases of infection in India. India ranks second, after America, among the countries most affected by Corona. According to Johns Hopkins University data, the number of people who have had an infection in the first fortnight of the month was more than double the number of cases reported in the US, the second-most affected country with Corona infection. The number was more than double. In this way, due to the sharp increase in cases daily, more than 10 lakh cases of COVID-19 were reported in India in September in a record time of 11 days.

While India reported 13,08,991 cases in 15 days, the United States (USA) recorded 5,57,657 cases and Brazil (Brazil), which ranked third on the list, recorded 4,83,299 cases. Not only this, India is also at the top of the list of deaths due to this virus. During this period. In India, 16,307 people died during the 15-day period, while America and Brazil recorded 11,461 and 11,178 deaths respectively.

However, when it comes to mortality during this 15-day period, India stands at 8th position with a rate of 1.25%. The top three countries in the list are by Mexico, Colombia and Peru.

The partial increase in the number of new cases is due to the increase in the COVID-19 test. Which reached a record figure of 5.8 crores in India by 15 September. India had taken 27 days to double its testing capacity from 1 crore to 2 crore, but it was increased from 4 crore tests to 5 crore tests in just 10 days.

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