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Shabnam Case : Shabnam files mercy petition before Governor Anandiben Patel

New Delhi : Shabnam, who killed seven family members with the help of her lover Salim on 14/15 April 2008 at Bawankhedi in Amroha district, has now filed another mercy petition in the name of the governor. In the hope of sending it to the Governor, this application has been submitted to the Jail Superintendent of Rampur.

On Thursday, two advocates of Shabnam met the Jail Superintendent of Rampur and submitted an application for mercy petition addressed to the Governor. It demands her death sentence to be waived. Jail Superintendent PD Salonia told that two advocates had come, who have submitted the application.

The application is being sent to the Governor. The jail superintendent said that this is Shabnam’s second attempt to expect mercy from the governor. In the past, her mercy petition has been dismissed.

Jailor RK Verma of Rampur says that Shabnam will be sent to Mathura jail as soon as the death warrant is issued. He said that a death warrant has been sought from the district judge of Amroha. Shabnam will be sent to Mathura jail as soon as it is received. The facility of hanging of the woman is in Mathura in UP. He said that Shabnam’s behavior in jail is normal at present. Shabnam is placed in the female barrack number 14 of Rampur Jail.

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