SURVEY : How many people are satisfied with PM Modi’s work amid Corona and China crisis?

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New Delhi : The popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not been affected between the Corona period, farmers movement and crisis with China. A recent survey in the wake of the Corona epidemic prevailing in the country and the boast over agriculture laws has revealed that around 74 percent of the people of the country consider PM Modi’s work as good or very good. According to a survey conducted by India Today between January 3-13, PM Modi is still on fire and he is the best prime minister ever.

In the India Today survey, 74 percent people are satisfied with the work of PM Modi, out of which 30 percent considered very good and 44 percent considered him good. At the same time, according to the survey, 66 percent of people are satisfied with the NDA government. Not only this, if elections are held in the country today, then the NDA can get 43 percent of the votes and 321 seats. At the same time, UPA may have to be satisfied with 27 percent votes and 93 seats.

In addition, 17 percent of the people consider the PM’s work as average, while 8 percent have described it as bad. Who is a better minister in the Modi government? In response, 39 percent people voted for Amit Shah, 14 percent considered Rajnath Singh as the best, and 10 percent voted Nitin Gadkari as the best minister in the Modi government.

In addition, 73 percent of the people are satisfied with the work of the Modi government in handling the coronavirus crisis. Of these, 23 percent said that the government did a great job in handling the corona pandemic, while 50 percent said it did a good job. In the survey question about vaccines, it was revealed that 76 percent of people want to take the vaccine, while 21 percent people are against it. Also 92 percent of people want the vaccine for free.

In this survey, it was asked who is the best prime minister so far, so 38 percent people voted for PM Modi in response to this. At the same time, 18 percent people considered Atal Bihar Vajpayee. Also, 11 percent of the people said Indira Gandhi and 8 percent described Jawaharlal Nehru as the best PM. 7 percent of people chose Manmohan Singh as the best PM.

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