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Surat : 4 arrested for selling flour in sacks with Reliance Jio logo and trademark

Ahmedabad : Surat police arrested four people for allegedly selling flour in sacks bearing the Reliance Jio symbol. Police said the accused were arrested from a trading company. They have been booked under the sections of the Trade Marks Act of 1999.

Significantly, a few days ago some pictures of Reliance Jio’s sacks were viral on social media. In these posts, it was claimed that with the implementation of the Agriculture Law, Reliance had already made preparations to buy the crops of the farmers. However, later Reliance itself had clarified that its Jio brand has nothing to do with the photo of the farmer who purchased the crop.

Police officials said that Reliance had lodged a complaint that Radhakrishna Trading Company, the firm of accused Bharat Gajera, was selling the flour using Jio’s trademark on its sacks. After investigating these allegations, company owner Gajera and three others were arrested on charges of violation of trademark law.

The three other people arrested have been associated with printing and supplying Jio’s logo on the sacks. It is reported that Reliance Jio got information about the misuse of its logo from a TV news report. Since Jio is not yet in the business of agriculture products, Reliance complained to the Surat Police and demanded strict action against the culprits.

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