Joe Biden gets keys of nuclear weapons in America at 11 am, 59 minutes, 59 seconds

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Washington : Joe Biden was sworn in as America’s 46th president in a historic ceremony on Wednesday. Biden is now the oldest president in US history. Biden (78) took an oath of a 127-year-old Bible of his family. At the same time, Kamala Devi Harris of Indian origin made history by taking oath as the first female Vice President of America. At the same time, Biden also got the key to nuclear weapons.

In fact, the right to launch nuclear football or American nuclear weapons has also changed as the president changes in America. Had the situation been normal, Trump would have been present at the oath ceremony as the outgoing President, and the transfer of the nuclear code bag called football would have been held there. In normal situation, the military officer standing with Trump would hand over the bags to the officer standing with Biden and get the key to nuclear weapons to the new president. But this time it could not happen because Trump was absent from Biden’s oath ceremony. Not only this, he was away from Washington at Florida at the time of his oath.

Nuclear football bag was with Trump as he left Washington and was in Florida. The bag was for Trump’s use till January 20 for 11:59 minutes and 59 seconds. But obviously a duplicate similar bag was also kept for Biden for power transfer. At 12 o’clock, Trump’s coded bag was deactivated and Biden got the key to America’s nuclear weapons.

But later in the briefing he received from General Mike Miley, the head of the Strategic Command, which handled the US nuclear weapons, he told his group that there was nothing to worry about. Arrangements have been made in this system. So that no president can arbitrarily order nuclear weapons.

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