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Poonam Pandey takes social media by storm with her with her near-nude dance video

Mumbai : Actress-model Poonam Pandey often remains in headlines. Poonam has shares her hot and bold photos, videos on social media. Recently, Poonam shared the news of her wedding with her fans. Poonam Pandey shared a lot of pictures with her husband Sam Bombay. Now Poonam Pandey has shared a hot dance video for fan’s delight on her social media account.

Poonam Pandey has shared this dance video on Instagram.

Poonam and Sam both had said that everything is fine between them now and this couple is going to make a new beginning. Poonam Pandey said that ‘We try to end all disputes between us. During this, Sam said that now everything is fine between us.

Recently after a couple of days of marriage, Poonam Pandey had filed a police complaint against her husband Sam Bombay. After this, Goa police had arrested Sam Bombay.

Poonam had complained that he had molested her and also threatened to suffer dire consequences after the fight. After which he was arrested.

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