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Ban on foreign nationals’ entry in Japan, Other countries may also impose a ban soon

Tokyo : More than 50 countries have come under the grip of new strains of Coronavirus found in Britain. High alert is issued at all places. Meanwhile, Japan has made a big decision. In fact, the Japanese government, taking precautionary measures, has temporarily banned the entry of all foreign nationals. This ban will apply to foreigners who are not from Japan.

Along with Japan, South Korea and Thailand are also preparing to be strict. The Foreign Ministry of Japan issued a statement on Saturday, saying that the ban will come into force across the country from Monday. It will continue till 31 January. Remember that Japan declared a ban for Britain and South Africa last week. In Japan, seven people have been exposed to new strains of coronavirus in the last two days.

Five of these seven travellers have returned from Britain. Also, the ministry said that citizens of Japan and foreign nationals allowed to stay in the country will now be isolated. As of Saturday, a total of 2,17,312 cases of coronavirus infection have been reported in Japan. Also, 3213 people have died here so far.

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