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When Farah Khan had lost everything, Such is her riches to rags and again to riches story

Mumbai : Bollywood choreographer and director Farah Khan is celebrating her 56th birthday on 9 January. Farah Khan has choreographed over 100 songs so far. But Farah’s journey in Bollywood was not so easy. Farah Khan, like every common man, has struggled a lot to achieve this position. Farah has never hesitated to say that she has struggled a lot in achieving what she is today.

Farah was born on 9 January 1965 in Mumbai. Her father Kamran was a director, producer and actor of B-grade films. Her father tried to make an A-grade film, which was titled ‘Aisa Bhi Hota Hai’. The film flopped badly, after which his entire family was in debt. Farah Khan told the story of riches to rags and again to riches.

She said, “My childhood was very good for the first five years. My father was a director, producer and actor but of B-grade films, not A-grade films. He had tried to make an A-grade film and due to its flop we became poor overnight. After this, we struggled for about 15 years.”

Farah told that while facing poverty in childhood, she started living in a storage room with his family. However, she used to show people in her school that everything is going well in her house. In fact, her father’s health had also deteriorated and he passed away.

After her father’s death, Farah took the financial responsibility of the house and worked as a background dancer in films. Along with this, she also taught the stars new steps of dance. Farah had told in an interview that in the 1993 film Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar was left by choreographer Master Saroj Khan, after which she choreographed the song ‘Pehla Nasha’, which was a big hit. Later, she got a chance to choreograph the songs of Shahrukh Khan’s film Kabhi Ha Kabhi Na and she became friends with Shahrukh Khan. This was the time when Shahrukh and Farah promised each other that if they get a chance, they will definitely work together.

Talking about becoming director, Farah Khan had said that she knew from childhood that she wanted to become a director. She told in an interview, “When I saw the film Arjun, I decided that I wanted to be a director. Although it took me 10-12 years to become a director. I wanted to become a director at the age of 20, but I made my first film at the age of 39.”

Farah Khan made the film ‘Main Hoon Na’ as a director. According to Farah, Shahrukh Khan made her wait for three years and then worked in this film. So far, Farah has made films like Om Shanti Om, Happy New Year and Tees Maar Khan. She is known in the industry as a choreographer and director and today Farah is in the list of famous celebrities.

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