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Video : Salman Khan confesses his love for Sunny Leone, Proposes her publicly

Mumbai : Former porn star and Bollywood hot actress Sunny Leone recently appeared on the weekend episode of ‘Bigg Boss 14’. As soon as she reached Bigg Boss house, all the family members became very excited about meeting her. Not only the family members but the host Salman also looked happy.

But Sunny Leone treated Salman’s illness before the bigg boss family members. Salman tells Sunny Leone that he has a fever. The makers also released a promo of this episode, in which Sunny Leone asks Salman, ‘What is your illness?’ On this, Salman says, ‘I just fell in love with you. It is called Laveria.’

Listening to Salman, Sunny Leone puts her hand on her heart and says, ‘Salman, Salman.’ Then she says, ‘See, I also got laveria’. After this, Salman laughs and hugs Sunny Leone. In this episode, Surabhi Chandna, Sharad Malhotra and Monalisa also arrived as a guest.

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