Emergency use of Serum Institute corona vaccine may be approved this week

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New Delhi : Serum Institute vaccine’s emergency use in the country may be approved by this week. The process related to this has been completed. In the meeting of the Task Force on Corona held on Tuesday, enough documents of the Serum Institute have been received. Serum has tied up with Oxford University and AstraZeneca to produce the vaccine. At the same time, after the approval of about two and a half crore doses of Serum Institute in Central Laboratory, Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh, the batch of two crore doses has been started.

Dr. V. K. Paul, Chairman of the Task Force said that ‘Only one of the three company documents has been found till now. The status of the initial review is clear. Further process will start soon.’

According to a Health Ministry official, the new form of Corona found in Britain will not have any impact on the vaccine production process. A new strain has not been found in India yet. In such a situation, the efforts going on regarding the vaccine will continue even further.

No new strains of coronavirus have been found in any of the travelers who have come to India from Britain. It is a big relief for the country right now because this strain spreads very fast. So far, 20 people have been found corona infected in a sample taken at various airports in the country.

Dr. Samiran Panda, director of the National AIDS Research Institute under the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), said that samples from different parts of the country are coming for genome sequencing. All the samples have been sequenced so far, new strains have not been found in them. It is a matter of relief, but our efforts are continuing.

Sequencing of many samples is yet to be done. Hence caution is needed. He expressed the hope that if the same results remain for the next few days, then the possibility of getting a new strain in India will be reduced. He said that about two thousand samples have been sequenced in six months, but no new strain has been found. This is the time to study more and more. In such a situation, the countrymen need not panic. The central government has postponed all flights to Britain from Tuesday night until December 31, after Corona created a new outcry in Britain.

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