PM Modi proposes library for traditional Buddhist literature, scriptures in India

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New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday proposed to build a library of traditional Buddhist literature and scriptures, stating that India would be happy to host the facility and provide appropriate resources for it. Speaking at the India-Japan Dialogue Conference, the Prime Minister first thanked the Government of Japan for “continuing support to the Dialogue”.

At the 6th Indo-Japan Dialogue Conference, PM Narendra Modi said, ‘This platform has done a lot to promote the thoughts and ideals of Lord Buddha, especially among the youth. Historically, the light of Buddha’s message spread from India to many parts of the world.

PM said- Great treasure of Buddhist literature and philosophy can be found in various monasteries in many countries and languages. He is the treasure of mankind. PM Modi said that I want to propose to build a library of all such Buddhist literature and scriptures. We would be happy to build such a facility in India and provide appropriate resources for it. This library will also be a platform for research and dialogue. A good message will be sent between humans, society and nature too. Its research mandate will also include examining how Buddhist messages can direct our modern world against contemporary challenges.

PM said- Dialogue should be such that spreads the spirit of positivity, unity and compassion in our whole planet. That too at a time when we need it most. This dialogue is taking place at an important moment in human history. Our work today will shape discourse in times to come.

PM Modi said that this decade will be for those societies which together have a premium for learning and innovation. It will be about nurturing bright young minds that will add values to humanity in the times to come.

Prior to speaking at the conference, Prime Minister Modi said that this platform has developed a lot in the last few years and has contributed to advancing global peace.

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