Rajya Sabha : Equations changed with results, BJP at peak, Congress at lowest level

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New Delhi : The equations have changed in the Upper House with all 11 candidates elected unopposed from Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand in the Rajya Sabha by-election. The BJP has reached its peak in the history of Rajya Sabha and the Congress at the lowest level. By adding eight seats from UP and one seat from Uttarakhand, BJP has a total of 92 seats in the House, while the Congress has only 38 seats.

There are 245 total seats in Rajya Sabha. Of these, 12 members are nominated by the President. Total seats of the NDA have now increased to 112 in the House. Three seats of the house are vacant. One seat each is to be filled from Kerala, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. In this way, the NDA has remained just 10 seats away from the majority in the House, but with the support of nominated and independent MPs, it will come very close to the majority figure. At the time of the formation of the Modi government in 2014, the BJP-led NDA had just 65 MPs in the Rajya Sabha while the Congress-led UPA had 102 MPs.

Support from other parties from outside
The ruling coalition did not face any difficulty in passing other bills, including the abolition of Article 370 from Kashmir, despite PM Modi not having a majority in the Upper House in his second term. It gets support from nine AIADMK, six from YSR Congress, nine from Biju Janata Dal and seven MPs from Telangana Rashtra Samiti on the basis of issues. However, NDA’s six MPs were reduced due to the exit of Shiv Sena and Akali Dal alliance.

In this way, during the cold session of Parliament, the Modi government will have the support of about 150 MPs in Rajya Sabha. In this case, that two-thirds majority would be very close to 164 MPs.

Of the 10 MPs retiring from Uttar Pradesh, only three belonged to the BJP, meaning it has gained five seats. Four SP MPs were retired, only one of whom returned. That is, he has lost three MPs. Now the SP has only five members in the upper house. At the same time, two BSP MPs were retired, but only one was elected. It has just three MPs in the House.

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